100th Meeting!

Yes, it’s true, we will be having our 100th meeting tonight!

Join us tonight 4th of July 2018

Come join us and earn yourself some recognition

We have 3 speakers for you two of which are Distinguished Toastmasters.  Our speakers are:

  • John Kendall
  • Christopher Johansen
  • Steve Campion

Many of my friends joke with me that we just sit around make toasts and drinking sparkling wine.  We tonight I can safely say that there will be some toasting and there will be something to toast with!

We’ve also got an extended section of impromptu speaking where everyone will get a couple of minutes to have a say. We’re making this a special evening where we can all let our hair down and speak up!

So come join us, you know you want to!

Competition Time!
Toasting at our 100th Meeting

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