About the healing power of humour

We are familiar with the use of humour to break the ice, smooth tension and challenge or confront people. We are less familiar with the power of humour to heal.

How do you establish connection with people, especially during these challenging times? When we may be feeling lonely and we may find it difficult to deal with PDD, or Public Display of Distress.

Some may use food to comfort themselves (a KFC family bucket!). Alternatively, some may choose to establish a connection and perhaps support others when they are having a difficult time.

How? you may ask. How about sharing the healing power of humour? This is the message of Ola Aralepo, our guest in the last Toastmasters meeting at North Herts Speakers club.

As a trained counsellor, Ola sees lots of similarities between counselling and stand up comedy. He is also a comedian in the stand-up circuit in London.

Comedians talk about difficult situations they have experienced. Some may think they belong on a therapist coach as much as they belong to the stage.

Ola advises that you need two ingredients to start sharing the healing power of humour: Time and Permission. 

Counseling and stand-up comedy are serious business and they require the investment of time. Ask any counselor and ask any stand-up comedian.

The healing power of humour also needs that you give yourself the permission to find the humour in the tragedy of life. 

Inspired by Ola Aralepo’s speech. Ola was our Special guest speaker at North Herts Speakers Toastmaster club on Wednesday 21 October 2020.

Rossana Espinoza, VP Public Relations.

Special Guest, Ola Aralepo, at our next meeting on 21st October
A special Halloween Toastmasters night🎃