What’s in it for you?

Why do our members come to North Herts speakers?

Well that is both an easy and a difficult question!
People join North Herts Speakers for a variety of reasons but there are some common reasons.

  • Some members come because they need to improve their presentation skills in order to progress in their career.
  • Some members come because they need to gain a raft of leadership skills as in order to move forward in their job.
  • Some members wish to become professional speakers.
  • Some members rely on public speaking as part of their business.
  • Some members simply want to gain confidence and self esteem.
  • Some members want to compete in public speaking contests.

I’ve probably missed out some reasons!

What do they get out of it?

Everyone in a Toastmasters meeting was once at the level you are now. The environment is friendly and supportive, and the self-paced programme allows you to build confidence with each speaking assignment.

Everyone gets a chance to speak at just about every meeting not always as a “speaker” but by taking on one of the other roles, they will need to address the other members at the meeting.  This practical approach to the training is proven to help members gain confidence and become at ease with speaking in public.

Every speaker is given immediate feedback in a constructive fashion.  All speeches are given feedback in the form of commendations and recommendations so that you can see both what you do well and what you can do to improve.  The aim of the club is to make each member feel that they are improving and that they have the information they need to continue improving.

What’s in it for you?

You will get a supportive environment where you can experiment and learn.  Everyone is learning and there is no judgement only encouragement.  You will meet people that you might not have met otherwise and hear speeches about things that you have not even considered.

You will make friends with people that you might never have met.

You will grow in confidence and learn to be an excellent communicator!

What is a meeting like?

Find out here!