Poetry, residences and Ice breaker

Last Wednesday’s meeting was very varied from a very first speech to Rionach’s 7th speech, all in a different room to the one we use usually.

How to Learn a Poem by Heart

Rionach Aiken

Rionach gave us an introduction to poetry first by showing us how a poem can improve our mental health followed by some technical details that will help us to both appreciate a poem and then learn it for ourselves.

A little bit about me

John Kendall

On Wednesday’s meeting John did his “Ice Breaker” speech which is the first speech that a member will do when they join toastmasters.  It is a speech about yourself, a way of introducing yourself to the club.  But this time we had a DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster) giving us his Ice Breaker speech.  So you can see that this speech remains popular with all our members and it also proves that you can do any speech any number of times!

Buying a house vs renting

Sumit Gupta

Sumit gave us a very interesting talk on the pros and cons of buy versus renting both from the point of view of security as well as finance.