Advice for new Toastmasters club members

In our last meeting, we asked attendees what advice they would give to a new Toastmaster member. This is what they said:

Start early and quick

Get started as soon as possible in speaking. 

Do a speech (just a minute or table topics) at your first meeting, it feels extremely rewarding and stops you building it up into something scary if you’re nervous.

Don’t wait too long to give a speech

Don’t wait too long to speak – it’s easier to get started and start the journey – when you do, you’ll realise how much you learn from people evaluating you and applying that takes you on the journey further.

Not starting is like sitting on the edge of a pool dangling your feet in the water and thinking it’s cold – it’s a lot warmer if you just get in and start swimming, you might need some help with technique, but it’s definitely warmer!

Image by Harish Sharma from Pixabay

Get out of your comfort zone…with a supportive bunch

My advice would be once you get over the “hurdle” of the first meeting every single one after that becomes much easier, especially if you throw yourself into the deep end. Being in the deep end is much easier in toastmaster because everyone is non judgemental and are on the same journey you have been.

Get the Toastmasters’ mindset

Just relax and be open minded to be carried out of your comfort zone, it’s all a safe environment.

We are all in Toastmasters to learn

All of us are here in a TM club to learn and help each other to be better speakers  in our daily lives.

Consider getting a mentor

Get a mentor so you can become your best self in not just speaking but other leadership skills too.

Manage your inner critic

Don’t beat up yourself when you make a mistake when giving a speech, because we’ve all been there.

You get as much as you put in

You get out what you put in and also the other members are a lovely group of people who are incredibly supportive. Give it a whirl 😋

If questions, ask and get involved

Ask others to explain how things are, how their experience has been and participate as much as you can.

Take care of yourself and be yourself

Take your time, be yourself and you will pick up the speed.

With massive thanks to all North Hearts Speakers who contributed to write this blog.

Rossana Espinoza, VP Public Relations

Special Guest, Vinette Hoffman-Jackson, at our next meeting
Special Guest, Ola Aralepo, at our next meeting on 21st October