Rise to the Occasion

Last week’s meeting saw a variety of great speeches from our well known members and new members alike.

French in 5

Dominic Goddard

Dominic Spoke speech entitled “French in 5” about how you can easily learn a foreign language if you can change your attitude towards this. He showed us how we can make connections between words to facilitate the memorisation of thousands of words at a time.

Rise to the Occasion

Trevor Fisher

Trevor’s speech entitled “Rise to the Occasion” was actually about baking bread! One of the objectives in this speech (Competent Communication manual #8) was to effectively use visual aids. If any of you have been in a meeting at work where you have been subjected to “Death by PowerPoint” then you would really appreciate Trevor’s demonstration of how to correctly use slides. His slides showed us pictures of the baking process and left all the explanation to Trevor, we were able to quickly see what Trevor was describing without the need to read lots of text from the screen.

Why should I go to university?

Bradley Peters

Bradley has only just joined our club and already has completed his first speech, almost entirely without reference to his notes! His Ice Breaker speech entitled “Why should I go to university?” was very entertaining, especially his stories relating to working on the Yachts of the rich and famous, those “Floating Pleasure Palaces”.

Diabetes and my Research

Mohammed Fakruddin

Mohammed taught us more on Diabetes with his speech entitled: “Diabetes and my research” where he likened the onset of diabetes to a frog being gently warmed in a saucepan! The chilling way in which we unwittingly bring on our own disease. An interesting account on how body fat makes us crave more food.

Poetry, residences and Ice breaker
Celebrating 2 years as Presidents distinguished

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