John Kendall Distinguished Toastmaster

We were very proud to celebrate John Kendall cecoming a Distinguished Toastmaster. This is a great life achievement as it takes thorough commitment and hard work to say the least.

We had a plenitude of guests who came from near and far to wish John well. It’s not surprising that there were so many people at our dinner as John is well known to so many for all his work in a variety of Toastmaster clubs.

The evening was opened by our club president, Wojciech Zujla and our Toastmaster was Eddie Asquith.
Steve Saunders used the Table Topics session in an unusual way, he got all the participants to tell us something about John! It was quite amusing, we almost forgot the time!

We finally realised that we are not the only ones under the John Kendall charm. He has charmed most people into doing something or other. Kevin Baggs had us in fits with his humorous tales of John’s membership or involvement with most clubs in the area claiming that John travels 900 miles per week. Then he lets it out that John isn’t a member of Kevin’s club.

Is there something that you are not telling us? Says Kevin

David Banfro was asked what he thought John would be like when he was only 20 years old. Just like he is now! Says David. Generous and hard working!

David Banfro and Steve Sanders

Celebrating 2 years as Presidents distinguished
Lynne Wilkins Competent Communicator

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