Competition Time!

International Speech and Evaluation Contest

Wednesday 7th March 2018

Last Wednesday was competition time at our club.  Everyone was a bit twitchy on the night as most of us were either performing a role that we had not done before or were participants in the competition.  Luckily for us we had some visitors and new members to calm us down!

Contestant as March 7th competition

Contestant as March 7th competition

The competition was in two halves with the first part dedicated to the speeches.  I must say that I’m glad that I was not judging those speeches as they were all such a high standard. Well done to our members for all the hard work and incredible personal progress they have made on their road to public speaking.

With a speech entitled “My affliction”, Dominic Goddard won the International Speech contest.  His speech was very amusing but also very though provoking.  He spoke of his “unhealthy” need to keep looking at his mobile phone.  Something that many people are now discovering to be a trojan horse in our lives.

Dominic Goddard first place

Dominic Goddard: Best Speaker

The second part of the contest was the evaluation competition.  This might seem very strange to those who are not familiar with Toastmasters so let me explain.  Evaluation is a core part of the Toastmaster program.  Not only do we learn how to communicate more effectively but we also learn how to give constructive feedback.  This part of the competition was to see who could give the most useful feedback for a given speech.

We aim to give our feedback as a cocktail of commendations and recommendations.  We give each other encouragement by pointing out the aspects of a speech that are particularly effective and we also give out tips on things that could be improved so that the speech can become even better.  In this way our members gain both confidence and also tips on things that they can work on that will aid them in the future.

Dorothy Molloy won the Best Evaluator competition.

Dorothy molloy Best Evaluator

Dorothy molloy Best Evaluator

The winners of the competitions are invited to take part in the Area Contest on the 7th of April.  Unfortunately Dom cannot make the concert but Eddie Asquith, who won the area contest last year, will represent our club in his place.

Good luck Eddie and Dorothy!

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